Monday, September 18, 2006

Grails Japanese Translation


We The Japanese translation team finished a documents translation approximately.
So We have all the Grails documentation available in Japanese.

To facilitate the change of the future, we left English at the
documents partially.
Now We enter small correction such as the proofreading and perform the
translation work of the change-point in the future, too.

I appreciate ichan, Guan and yossy which participated in the translation.



Grails Japanese Translation Progress

the dark color text list is not finished yet....

    * [Home (Space Home Page)] Home

          o [Community] Community

                + [Contribute] Contribute

                + [Developer Blogs] Developer Blogs

                + [Mailing lists] Mailing lists

                + [User Groups] User Groups

                + [Who we are] Who we are

          o [Developer Documentation] Developer Documentation

                + [Compile Time Injection] Compile Time Injection

                + [Developer - Dynamic Method Injection] Developer - Dynamic Method Injection

                + [Developer - Groovy Server Pages] Developer - Groovy Server Pages

                + [Developer - Hibernate Integration] Developer - Hibernate Integration

                + [Developer - Spring MVC Integration] Developer - Spring MVC Integration

                + [General Architecture] General Architecture

                + [Runtime Configuration] Runtime Configuration

          o [Developer Guidelines] Developer Guidelines

          o [Documentation] Documentation

                + [Quick Start] Quick Start

                + [Reference] Reference

                      # [Builders Reference] Builders Reference

                      # [Command Line] Command Line

                      # [Dynamic Methods Reference] Dynamic Methods Reference

                            * [Controller Dynamic Methods] Controller Dynamic Methods

                            * [Domain Class Dynamic Methods] Domain Class Dynamic Methods

                      # [Tag Library Reference] Tag Library Reference

                            * [GSP Tag Reference] GSP Tag Reference

                                  o [GSP Tag - collect] GSP Tag - collect

                                  o [GSP Tag - each] GSP Tag - each

                                  o [GSP Tag - else] GSP Tag - else

                                  o [GSP Tag - elseif] GSP Tag - elseif

                                  o [GSP Tag - findAll] GSP Tag - findAll

                                  o [GSP Tag - grep] GSP Tag - grep

                                  o [GSP Tag - if] GSP Tag - if

                                  o [GSP Tag - layoutBody] GSP Tag - layoutBody

                                  o [GSP Tag - layoutHead] GSP Tag - layoutHead

                                  o [GSP Tag - layoutTitle] GSP Tag - layoutTitle

                                  o [GSP Tag - pageProperty] GSP Tag - pageProperty

                                  o [GSP Tag - while] GSP Tag - while

                                  o [Tag - actionSubmit] Tag - actionSubmit

                                  o [Tag - checkBox] Tag - checkBox

                                  o [Tag - createLink] Tag - createLink

                                  o [Tag - createLinkTo] Tag - createLinkTo

                                  o [Tag - currencySelect] Tag - currencySelect

                                  o [Tag - datePicker] Tag - datePicker

                                  o [Tag - eachError] Tag - eachError

                                  o [Tag - form] Tag - form

                                  o [Tag - formRemote] Tag - formRemote

                                  o [Tag - hasErrors] Tag - hasErrors

                                  o [Tag - hiddenField] Tag - hiddenField

                                  o [Tag - link] Tag - link

                                  o [Tag - localeSelect] Tag - localeSelect

                                  o [Tag - message] Tag - message

                                  o [Tag - remoteField] Tag - remoteField

                                  o [Tag - remoteFunction] Tag - remoteFunction

                                  o [Tag - remoteLink] Tag - remoteLink

                                  o [Tag - render] Tag - render

                                  o [Tag - renderBean] Tag - renderBean

                                  o [Tag - renderErrors] Tag - renderErrors

                                  o [Tag - richTextEditor] Tag - richTextEditor

                                  o [Tag - select] Tag - select

                                  o [Tag - submitToRemote] Tag - submitToRemote

                                  o [Tag - textField] Tag - textField

                                  o [Tag - timeZoneSelect] Tag - timeZoneSelect

                                  o [Tag - validate] Tag - validate

                            * [JSP Tag Reference] JSP Tag Reference

                      # [Validation Reference] Validation Reference

                + [Tutorials] Tutorials

                      # [Grails Podcast] Grails Podcast

                + [User guide] User guide

                      # [Advanced Topics] Advanced Topics

                      # [Ajax] Ajax

                      # [Auto Reloading] Auto Reloading

                      # [Builders] Builders

                      # [Command Line Tools] Command Line Tools

                      # [Configuration] Configuration

                      # [Controllers] Controllers

                      # [Dynamic Tag Libraries] Dynamic Tag Libraries

                      # [Functional Testing] Functional Testing

                      # [GORM] GORM

                      # [Hibernate Integration] Hibernate Integration

                      # [IDE Integration] IDE Integration

                      # [Installation] Installation

                      # [Introduction] Introduction

                      # [Job Scheduling (Quartz)] Job Scheduling (Quartz)

                      # [Page Flows] Page Flows

                      # [Scaffolding] Scaffolding

                      # [Services] Services

                      # [Spring Integration] Spring Integration

                      # [Unit Testing] Unit Testing

                      # [Validation] Validation

                      # [Views and Layouts] Views and Layouts

          o [FAQ] FAQ

          o [Frequently Asked Questions] Frequently Asked Questions

          o [Navigation] Navigation

                + [Continuous Integration] Continuous Integration

                + [CVS] CVS

                + [Sandbox] Sandbox

                      # [Laszlo on Grails] Laszlo on Grails

                      # [Laszlo on Grails in case of implemented] Laszlo on Grails in case of implemented

                      # [Mail from Grails] Mail from Grails

                      # [New Controller Types] New Controller Types

          o [Quick Links] Quick Links

                + [Download] Download

          o [Roadmap] Roadmap

    * [Troubleshooting] Troubleshooting

    * [Using Constraints to Specify Database Column Types When Creating Tables from a Groovy Domain Class] Using Constraints to Specify Database Column Types When Creating Tables from a Groovy Domain Class



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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Grails 0.2.2 公開

Grails 0.2.2 公開されました。
(test dev prod等、それぞれの環境に合わせたデータソース実装)
他に、JNDI DataSourcesサポート、hibernate criteriaでのdistinct対応等


個人的には、Sitemesh関連の問題が先送りになったのがちょっと悲しいが、Railsのように、データソースを分けられるようになったのは、かなり嬉しい。メーリングリストでSpring Mailの実装も、test dev prod対応したらどうだろうという流れもあり、今後もかなり期待できそう。



Wednesday, September 06, 2006

黙示録 2.0 - Webが壊れた日

Apocalypse 2.0 - the day the web broke
黙示録2.0 - Webが壊れた日

The increasing reliance on JavaScript and the heating up of the browser wars is bad news for compatibility and a majority of Web 2.0 applications



Apocalypse 2.0 - the day the web broke by ZDNet's Ryan Stewart -- On February 16th, 2005, Jesse James Garrett coined the term Ajax in an article titled "Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications". Days before that, on February 8th, the Google Blog announced something called Google Maps. Ajax was born and the web hasn't been the same since. The combination of JavaScript, DHTML and CSS seemed to breathe a new kind of life into the web. All of a sudden you could program a series of hacks and your web page didn't behave like a web page before. All that time you spent learning JavaScript? With Ajax, you were in demand again! People started saying things like "JavaScript Engineer" with a straight face.